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EuroMaint Rail, Sweden

Custom design turn-key paint facility containing five paint rooms with integrated Power & Free conveyor system, Stenhøj 3,0 ton lifts and paint mix room with Graco paint equipment.

Vestas, Denmark

New Plug-and-Paint© surface treatment plant with blasting, metallization, painting and IR-drying.

US Air Force & Danish Air Force

F16 Fighter spray booths – Plug-and-Paint©. Custom design by Ventherm ensures a minimum of energy consumption for the paint facility despite the size of the rooms

John Deere, Russia

Two large industrial spray booths with a Power & Free conveyor system passing through. Each booth is equipped with double cross heat exchangers providing approximately 80% heat recycling. Supplemental heating is provided by a fully modulating gas burner.

Aker Verdal, Norway

Combined blasting and painting/drying facilities for offshore industry

Siemens Wind Power, USA and Denmark

1 pcs. Spray booth 60 x 7 x 6 m, 150.000 m3/h, gas heated with 75% heat recycling, unique zone-ventilation-system reduces the energy consumption to ¼ despite the size of the installation.

1 pcs. Drying booth 60 x 12 x 7 m, 25.000 m3/h, gas heated with 75% heat recycling

1 pcs. Blast room 60 x 9 x 7 m, 45. 000 m3/h, gas heated with 75% heat recycling, Munkebo/Clemco equipment.

TVSZ, Rail wagons, Russia

Plug-and-Paint© installation with degreasing, painting and drying.


Rolls-Royce Marine, Norway

1 pcs. Complete building provided by Ventherm. Containing:

1 pcs. Spray booth 5 x 5 x 4 m, 18.000 m3/h, oil heated extraction in the walls 1 pcs. Drying booth 7 x 5 x 4 m, 10.000 m3/h, oil heated

1 pcs. Power & Free conveyor system with 2 crane functions

1 pcs. Paint mix room

Kalmar Industries AB, Sweden

4 pcs. Combi Spray/Drying/Washing booth 15 x 8 x 6 m, 85.000 m3/h, gas heated with 75% heat recycling.

MAN Diesel

1 pcs. Spray/Drying booth 14 x 7 x 7 m, 64.000 m3/h, gas heated with 75% heat recycling. 2 pcs. WALL-MAN 1300 lifts on the walls and internal crane

NettBuss, Norway

2 pcs. Industrial combi spray/drying booth for busses/lorries – with Andreae filter built into
the walls.

1 pcs. Industrial combi spray/drying booth for
smaller items.

1 pcs. Paint mix room All booths equipped with
heat recycling systems and 3-dimensional
operator platforms on the walls.

RSS Global, Belgium

1 pcs. Industrial combi spray/drying booth with paint-stop filters placed in the walls.

1 pcs. Paint-mix room

NCT-Bjørge, Norway

1 pcs. Double spray/drying booth 14 x 5 x 4,5 m, 2 x 20.000 m3/h, separated with intermediate door, gas heated, extraction in the walls

3 pcs. Power & Free conveyor in the ceiling

1 pcs. Blast room

1 pcs. Paint mix room

Aakre Mekaniske, Norway

  • 4 spray/drying booths
  • Sandblasting booth
  • Recycling system for sand
  • Washing booth
  • Heat-recycling system from compressor
  • Paint mix room
  • Welding extraction, frequency controlled



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